BOXGAME is playable as a downloadable game (finally)

I've been meaning to do this for a while, but BOXGAME can now be downloaded as a standalone game!

Up until now it was a unity webplayer-only type thing which meant that for the past year or so, the game has been unplayable for almost anyone with a modern computer/OS/browser - but no more!

This version also has some updated UI tweaks, and is the first version to support my custom gamepad remapping system (it's not the greatest, it should mean whatever gamepad you use will be fine to play the game with)

Oh and the game is still super free so if you want a neat little puzzle-platformer thingy for nothing then you're welcome to it :)

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Aug 27, 2017 17 MB
Aug 27, 2017 18 MB
Aug 27, 2017


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Really really enjoyed the game! You are honestly a genius for coming up with these puzzles

The only problem i had with the game was the camera angle (the camera looked at player model  from a lower angle rather than looking straight at the player) and the menu (the UI would move with both the mouse and the keyboard which created a few awkward situations ) 

But all in all, i really loved the game! :D

This is awesome, thank you! I've always wanted to play it, it looks super cool, but I couldn't get it to run properly. :)