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Hello! I just bought Return of the SLIMEPIRES and really like it but
would like to know if there is a way to rebind keys in PICO-8 games?
They all always have X and C and ARROW keys and I don't like that.
I use Linux and normally I can rebind by using XEV to find key IDs and
then writing a script that uses XMODMAP to redefine keyboard, run
game, then change keys back on exit. However, this does not work with
the PICO-8 games. I have been trying to figure out how to contact you but there is no comment section for SLIMEPIRES and this is the only area I could find to comment so sorry for being off topic.
Any help would be appreciated, I'd really love to be able to rebind the keys!

Hi, this is quite a late response but maybe it still helps.

I'm not the dev but you can contact them at the options listed on their website:

I don't know for sure about slimepires, but pico-8 games use a config file at C:/Users/Yourname/AppData/Roaming/pico-8/config.txt

In that file, there is a section called button_keys, it needs button scancodes, so it's not the most user friendly way, but if you can figure out what scancodes correspond to the buttons you want, it might work. I found out about this at


This is so cool.   Can't wait to try it out.  You are a joy Sophie!  Thanks for being you. 


This is pretty cool, and it's like it was tailor-made for me. Thanks, I loved it


What a great idea!

Another thing you could do with this is use the dice element to adjust for relative skill levels of the player.  For instance, a kid playing an adult could use higher die sizes as a balancing factor.


Yes! This is part of the idea behind the “Dice-Type Swap” variant, though having the extra difficulty of determining which die is which piece for which player might make it more of an obstacle than an aid…

Hmm, perhaps instead, a kid could roll “with advantage” (roll twice and take the higher value)? Something I’ll have to test!


Ah, yeah that would do it - roll with advantage.

Or maybe when they get attacked, they can re-roll the die to block it, and if they roll high enough to block the attack the other player has to do something else.