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Pretty coolio! I'm working on the game about fishing myself. Always cool to see what other people have come up with :^)

It's fantastic!

i wish i have a bank account so i can name a price. 

on that screen you can just click “no thanks, take me to the downloads”, you don’t need to pay anything :)

yes i know that already thats why i wished i have a bank account so i can donate

sorry, I misunderstood! <3

its ok but ill be sure when i have a bank account ill donate ill put that to my bucket list

maybe i just worded it weirdly

Oooh, nice! I love the fish quotes! Good use of minimalism regarding the aesthetic, the controls, the gameplay and the sound. Nice idea for the way the walking/fishing sound effects work, too.

Also, what a coincidence, my last game jam was also a quirky game about fishing, but from the perspective of the fish!


I love this so much, the musical walking is fantastic and I love the combination of quotes from caught fish

Woah weird, I like it!