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Crack simulated locks using real-life techniques!

  • Learn how a mechanical safe lock works by peering inside and watching the moving parts!
  • Read a tutorial explaining everything from how a lock works - to how to crack it!
  • Generate locks with random combinations and see how quickly you can get past them!
  • Features a variety of high-tech tools to help you


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Safecracking Simulator (Windows) v1.21 30 MB
Safecracking Simulator (macOS) v1.21 39 MB
Safecracking Simulator (Linux) v1.21 45 MB


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I'm interested in what the speedrunning community could do with this


An excellent simulator! Here's my first success with no tools in baby mode, I really enjoyed it.



Looks like there's a bug in the macOS version where attempting to change the controls does not work.

In the controls menu, if I click "Apply Changes", it resets controls back to the defaults.

But if I click "Back", then the new controls I've set do not apply.

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thanks for letting me know! I’ll look into it and try to include a fix in the next update if I can!

Edit: There's a fix in today's update!

Unfortunately this bug still seems to be present in the Linux build. Exact same issue, clicking 'apply changes' resets the controls to defaults.


I'm having the an issue with macOS v1.2 (same problem with previous version) - I unzip the downloaded file but then get:

“Safe Simulator” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash."

when I try to launch the application. I've tried on two different macs, so I think it may be some kind of bug.


sorry about this, it’s an issue with me not jumping through all of apple’s hoops to verify the app. I’ve been told that entering this in the terminal fixes the issue:

xattr -cr “/path/to/application.app“

Sorry again, I know it’s inconvenient. I’m hoping to get the app properly verified once I’m no longer updating it every other week.


Thanks! Yep, that works a charm.

Thank you, it seems to be working. But when are you intending to fix this?


Hopefully for the next update, sorry about the inconvenience!

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Thanks. I like the game so far. Got to get used to the controls a bit. :)

I'm on 1.21, it's not working for me, xattr does nothing and nothing opens :/

I'm on a M1 macbook air, I don't know if that has an impact. I tried checking "Use with Rosetta" in the .app file info but nothing happens

I’m really sorry about this, the app not running on M1 is something I’m looking into but in all honesty I’m not sure if it is an issue that I can fix.

No problem, I know it's not something that is easy to do as an indie dev.
I'll wait and play the game in a few months when I get my windows pc back, thanks for the quick answer !


Is there a way to go into windowed mode and/or turn down the visual settings? My computer can't handle how pretty everything is


That is all coming in the next update, hopefully tomorrow sometime!


Thank you! Looking forward to it :)


v1.2 is up! It will default to max quality at first, but if you can chug through to the settings menu you should be able to get a nice framerate :)

I'm getting some odd squeaking audio on Arch Linux when I turn the wheel, where I'm assuming there should be some kind of clicking. Is anybody else experiencing this on Linux?


That definitely sounds like a bug, though given it doesn't happen on other platforms it is almost certainly a unity bug and not one I can fix myself. The next update will have audio volume controls so you should be able to mute the sounds if they are annoying, though obviously that will have an impact on your ability to play the game (the spectrograph display is based on the in-game audio. I'll look into alternatives to that though).

Sorry for the trouble, but I don't think I'll be able to stop the squeaking.


I can totally understand, thanks for the response! It's probably something that need some figuring out on my side as well. If I figure out the solution, I'll post it here

Going by the official video, the squealing is expected

Just wondering is the "vault lock" the only lock in the game.
And/or will there be more locks added in the future ? :)


Yes it’s only the one kind of lock (a group-2 style safe lock), although it can be modified for difficulty. I have thought of adding other safe/dial lock types but for the time being I have no plans to add anything else. Ultimately I’m limiting myself to keep the scope of the project small, and also fun - it might be fun for me to simulate manipulation resistant locks but it would not be fun to try and crack them (afaik many can’t be cracked without drilling!).

Other styles of locks may be possible for me to simulate, but I know less about them so I’d need to do research to know if I could simulate them well and make them fun to overcome.


Super cool idea! Really fun! Looks beautiful. Great tutorials! Looking forward to cracking my first real virtual safe.

A few things: Would be good to have maybe mouseover labels for the different parts, eg. I was often unsure which bit the ‘cam’ or a ‘wheel’ is, would be cool if they had labels when needed, and some of the instructions in the tutorial say “turn left or turn right”, might be more useful if it said clockwise or anti-clockwise since turning left on an upright mechanism is a bit confusing.


Ohoh ! great idea! This sounds like something you would excel at producing, picking this up right now...