Version 2018C released

Changes for this version:

  • A dialogue is displayed to confirm generating new Input Manager axis, and the changes update immediately in the editor
  • positive/negative control settings for smart controls can now be selected from a pop-up instead of being typed out in the editor
  • Changing a control's name in the editor will update any smart controls that reference it
  • Virtual inputs now implemented, set with functions SetVirtualAxis(), SetDeltaPreference(), SetVirtualButton(), and/or SetVirtualButtonHeld() in SinputSystems.VirtualInputs
  • Addev "virtual1" slot, I might add more virtual slots later once I've figured out how I want them to work
  • ResetInputs() can now be used by slot, if you want to have only one device's inputs reset
  • fixed issue where a couple of functions may have used the last frame's input data
  • CurrentValueIsFramerateIndependent() is now PrefersDeltaUse(). Old function was too unweildly and harder to understand.
  • UpdateGamepads() is now CheckGamepads(), so as not to confuse with other update functions
  • Tidied up core Sinput class & update loop (moved axis-as-button-state stuff into control updates)
  • Added SetInverted() to set whether a smart control (doesn't work with regular controls) is inverted, and GetInverted() too, because you probably wanna know if it's inverted.
  • added mouseSensitivity setting
  • Added SetScale() and GetScale() so you can set the 'sensitivity' of a smart control by slot (basically this just sets a multiplier)

Virtual inputs are probably the biggest addition here, using them I'm hoping that for the next version I can make some touch-control prefabs you can just drop in and they will work like a virtual gamepad.

Also, whilst I've added inversion and sensitivity/scale stuff, the settings for these are not currently saved/loaded at runtime. (and neither are toggle settings actually). Getting this stuff together is a priority for future versions but just a heads-up if you're using this one, you're gonna want to save any changes you make yourself.

That's all for now, hope you're well!


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May 25, 2018

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