Version 2018_D released

Hey it's a new release! This one is mostly changing names/terminology and simple house-keeping, but it does have the cool addition of touch control prefabs!

These take advantage of the virtual inputs that were implemented in the last release - touch controls sets virtual input values, and sinput controls check the virtual inputs. All you need to do is have the same string on the touch control as in the control scheme and it just works :)

Changes for this version:

  • Version names now have an underscore in them to make them easier to read. Big change, I know.
  • Removed GetControls() - instead use Sinput.controls to get a copy of all the rebindable controls instead. (the old function gave a reference I mean thats just no good)
  • SetControls() is gone too, it wasn't used (I think LoadControlScheme is gonna be the way to do it?)
  • Improved initialisation process... somewhat
  • can now set default inversion setting for smart controls in the editor
  • Removed GetGamepads() - use Sinput.gamepads instead.
  • Improved virtual inputs so setting axis value also sets button state, and setting button state sets axis value
  • GetSlotPress() can now return virtual slots
  • Added touchscreen button & joystick prefabs
  • Some minor optimisations
  • Now every function that takes a control or smart control as a parameter will log an error if that control/smart control isn't found
  • Made mouse movement rebind check a lot less sensitive
  • Newly created control scheme assets now have default controls & smart controls
  • "Common Binding" is now "Common Mapping". A terminology change so gamepad mapping is distinct from binding/rebinding. (mapping = controller layout, binding = which input is linked to a control)
  • Added common mapping for Rock Band Guitar. \m/ (-_-) \m/

edit: oh almost forgot; Heads-up that if you have your own common binding from a previous version, it won't work as a common mapping now. You'll need to set it up again (sorry!) but hopefully this is only a minor inconvenience and is worth it for some clarity in terminology going forward.


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May 28, 2018

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