Version 2018_F Released

This update is mostly BIG improvements to the rebind screen, with some control state optimisations, and Sinput finally has a license!

The main changes are that you can now have players adjust sensitivities, toggles, and inverting right from the rebinding scene, and set up which of these you expose using the RebindMenuSettings asset.

And also, the rebind menu is destroyed a lot less, preserving selection and making interation a lot easier, especially if you're not using a mouse. (It still gets rebuilt when pads are connected/disconnected. I'll figure out a better solution but heads-up on this I guess)

The license is pretty much what I had said before in the readme about credit/payment, but it's more explicit and also talks about derivatives of Sinput (tl;dr you're free to make them but don't sell them or change the license unless you make a significant change.

anyway here's the changes for this version:

  • Rebind menu is no longer completely rebuilt when; rebinding an input, deleting an input, adding an input, and resetting a control's inputs
  • Starts listening for new input to bind immediately after adding a new input in the rebind screen
  • Made rebind menu's 'highlighted' colours contrast more with the normal/unslelected colours
  • Sinput ScriptableObjects now appear in their own 'Sinput' dropdown in the Asset 'Create' menu
  • Optimised cached control checks (should at least 3-6 times faster - that's a mental calculation, I'm too scared to actually look at the profiler yet D:)
  • Virtual inputs no longer have button states, they are just held or not and sinput controls determine press/release states instead. virtual input functions have been updated as needed.
  • Rebind menu now has settings which allow you to set up mouse sensitivity, control toggles, and smart control inversion and sensitivity
  • Readme updated, with a more explicit licence for Sinput added


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Jun 04, 2018

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