Version 2018_E Released

This one has a couple of fixes & improvements, settings (toggles/axis scale/mouse sensitivity) are now saved with controls, and I wrote a replacement for the Standalone Input Module so Sinput can finally be used to navigate UIs using unity's canvas/event system. Just add StandaloneSinputModule to an event system game object and disable that old rubbish one :)

Changes for this version:

  •  Sinput editor foldouts toggle when either label or icon is clicked instead of just icon
  • Controls' toggle settings are now saved/loaded with custom binding
  • Smart controls' scale and inversion settings are now saved/loaded with custom binding
  • mouse sensitivity setting is now saved/loaded with custom binding
  • Increased default wait time before GetButtonDownRepeating() starts repeating by an extra quarter second
  • Added Standalone Sinput Module, to replace Standalone Input Modules and make Sinput button presses effect unity UI events
  • Reverted to an older version of the Rebinder initialisation function to fix a bug (rebinding happened on active control list)
  • Rebind menu no longer lists reported gamepads with "" (empty string) names. This fixes a bug with disconnected pads but will mean if a pad genuinely has no ID it can't be bound anymore

That's all for now, thanks for following along with this!


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May 30, 2018

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