Version 2018_G released

I had planned for this version to have other stuff too, but I'm releasing it earlier because it has a couple of important fixes.

That said, it still has some good new things, like auto-scrolling on the rebind menu so players can navigate it without using a mouse:

also I've added summaries to most everything public in the Sinput class, so your code hints should be a lot more informative.

Also, SinputFileIO has had a big overhaul, instead of always using playerprefs, it will now write players custom settings/bindings to a file. The current behaviour is on PC (win/mac/linux) it will save to a file, everything else will use playerprefs.

There are also a few new optimisations and, as mentioned, some important fixes for problems which have been in the past version or so without me noticing (sorry!). For this reason I'm also disabling downloads for older versions (besides they were making the page messy :P). If for some reason you want an older version of Sinput just let me know and I'll get it to you.

Changes in this version:

  • Rebind screen now automatically scrolls to highlighted menu item when not using the mouse
  • Made optimisations on code/functions that can run every frame
  • Sinput.controls now ~definitely~ returns a copy of the controls list and not a reference to it. This can be modified without changing sinput's active control scheme
  • Improved rebind menu settings editor
  • String values that get be saved are now sanitised in the editor with SinputFileIO.SanitiseStringForSaving()
  • Public Sinput properties/functions are now summarised so their descriptions should appear in code hints
  • Fixed: when rebinding, newly added inputs won't overwrite/delete other controls when rebound, staying blank themselves
  • Fixed: When rebinding, resetting a single control's inputs will properly remove UI elements of newly added inputs
  • Sinput settings/bindings are saved to a file instead of player prefs on PC (player prefs are still used otherwise)

That's all for 2018_G, hopefully in the next version or maaaaaybe the one after, I'll have Sinput where I want it and will be able to focus on other projects again. It's definitely *really* close to what I consider good-enough :D


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Jun 08, 2018

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