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Version 2018_H released
Barely a day since the last version, but this one should (hopefully) be the last release for a while! The things I've felt were most pressing have all been take...
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Version 2018_G released
I had planned for this version to have other stuff too, but I'm releasing it earlier because it has a couple of important fixes. That said, it still has some go...
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Version 2018_F Released
This update is mostly BIG improvements to the rebind screen, with some control state optimisations, and Sinput finally has a license! The main changes are that...
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Version 2018_E Released
This one has a couple of fixes & improvements, settings (toggles/axis scale/mouse sensitivity) are now saved with controls, and I wrote a replacement for the St...
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Version 2018_D released
Hey it's a new release! This one is mostly changing names/terminology and simple house-keeping, but it does have the cool addition of touch control prefabs! The...
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Version 2018C released
Changes for this version: A dialogue is displayed to confirm generating new Input Manager axis, and the changes update immediately in the editor positive/negati...
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