Sophie's Dice v1.3 - Huge Update!

OK so this one took a while because WOW there is a lot of stuff in it!

More/Better Dice

There are 157 new dice shapes, bringing the total to 326.

The bulk of the new shapes are anisohedral (some faces are different to other faces) - these shapes don't make for fair dice when rolled in real life, but as long as you have "Perfect Fairness" enabled then I can assure you of their fairness within the app :)

It's not just new shapes either - all of the dice models have been improved, with every shape having a sharp-edged and a rounded-edged model.

New Customisation Options

The dice material system has been completely rebuilt, giving you greater control over each die's shader, metalicity, gloss, surface texture, and way the colours marble on the dice surfaces.

You can add a great deal of detail and personality to a die without even changing its shape, faces, or colours.

Something I'd been wanting to add since the beginning is now included: visual effects! You can select an effect for each face individually from the face's 'VFX' dropdown. There's only a handful for now, but there should be enough to highlight your criticals :)

There are also new included fonts, but you are no longer limited to the fonts included in the app - you can add TTF format fonts to your custom dice folder, or enable 'System Fonts' in the settings to load even more fonts.

I know setting up the appearance for a die to juuuuuust how you want it can take a while, especially with all the new options, so I've made it quicker to apply a style to a whole set. When you edit or create a new dice bag, you can apply a copied style to all of the dice you generate (also, you can generate sets compatible with Dungeon Crawl Classics now!)

Another cool customisation option is now, any image can be 'pipped'. Just check 'Pips' and it will lay out pips in the proper pattern to match the face's number value - no matter whether it is 1, 6, 16, or 76.

And because it's important to roll in a dice tray that matches your character/setting; there are new environment backgrounds, and you can change their colours too.

Spoken Results

When enabled, results can be spoken aloud by yours-truly. You can adjust the speed they are read too, if you want to hear me count numbers with a squeaky voice.

Roll Expression Improvements

You can now roll expressions with multiple results; just split up your expression with commas, or name the results with an '='.

named results can be treated as dice pools subsequent parts of the expression, even allowing you to perform maths and apply some roll conditions (though not any roll conditions that would change the original result)

Another new thing is being able to specify dice pool size by user values just put the value name before (no spaces!) the dice name and it will work :)

There are also a few other changes/improvements to roll expressions, including a new 'Keep' condition. Check the updated Dice Notation documentation for full information.

There's a lot more too!

New images, fonts, and example dice. A MUCH smaller app size. You can have dice rotate after they settle to be easier to read. A low camera motion option for those who get queasy. A double-click shortcut for individual dice. The hotbar & camera are now saved between sessions. The hotbar icons now use their actual dice materials. There are MANY other improvements and fixes too. You can check the full changelog if you're interested in reading an absurdly long list.

To summarise though; Dice look and feel better, and you have more control to roll how you want.


That's all for now - I hope you have a dice day, and good rolls!
- Sophie

Update - v1.31

I took a few days to fix some bugs (thanks for letting me knopw about them) and while I did that I also added some more requested features!

  • Roll History - You can now see a very detailed breakdown of your last 20 rolls.
  • Hotkeys for Dice/Rolls - Set hotkeys when editing dice or saved rolls, you can then roll them with a single press.
  • more! - as ever, check the changelog for full details.


Sophie's Dice 1.31 (Android) 89 MB
Oct 12, 2020
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Oct 12, 2020
Sophie's Dice 1.31 (Mac) 183 MB
Oct 12, 2020
Sophie's Dice 1.31 (Linux) 186 MB
Oct 12, 2020

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