Sophie's Dice v1.41 - Nice Update

Not a big update this time, but there is definitely cool stuff!

Image Import

On all versions (except macOS for now, sorry!) you can now import images directly from the image-select menu. Just hit the '+' button in the top-right!

You can also delete images by right-clicking or long-pressing them and selecting the trash icon that pops up.

New Dice Shapes and Examples

I've added two d100 shapes (one spherical, one bipyramidal), and a d69.

Also included in the examples is a "Wild Magic" die in the "examples/RPG/5e" dice bag. This is a ~seriously~ customised dice which approximates the entire Wild Magic roll table from the 5e PHB. Sorcerers rejoice (and then turn into a sheep!). If you're looking to create dice that immitate complex roll tables, this one is worth examining.

Also ALSO included as part of the examples are a full set of "Tutorial Expressions", so you can explore all the kinds of rolling you can do when using dice notation. For more detailed descriptions of that stuff you can, as ever, check the documentation.

Roll Expressions

Speaking of expressions, the bulk of this update's new additions relate to them. There are the new roll conditions; Text (converts numeric values to text) and Keep Middle (to disregard all but the middle X dice in a pool), as well as cosmetic conditions: Paint (color your dice using notation!) and Scale (to roll tiny dice or huge dice).

There are also a wide range of new functions including some specific to various game systems (so you can quickly convert an ability score to an ability modifier) and a LOT of rounding functions, so whatever rounding rules your game uses - your expressions will behave properly.

There are a few more things I won't detail here, but feel free to check the full change log if you're interested.

Thanks for all the support, hope you're getting some good rolls - and some terrible ones too, I try to make the dice fair after all ;)


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Jan 15, 2021
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Jan 15, 2021
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Jan 15, 2021
Sophie's Dice 1.41 (macOS) 190 MB
Jan 15, 2021

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Sweet stuff in this update! Thanks as always. ❤