Sophie's Dice v1.0

OK, this is it, the 1.0 version. The "official" launch is going to be Monday, but hey you can have it now bacause I like you! I've changed the price to $5, but until a week after launch it will be 15% off, which is 25 cents cheaper than it was during early access so, grab it now for a sweet deal I guess? :P

Anyway, main thing I have to say about this build is:


Your existing saved dice won't work with the new version, and if you don't uninstall first then the new save system won't be set up properly.

Anyway, here's the changes from RC3 (unreleased) and RC4 (which is 1.0):


  • Android version uses a completely new save system, which is not actually completely new because it is the same as the PC save system. So you can copy dice from your PC to Android and vice-versa just by putting the files in your CustomDice folder (the locations of which can be found in the documentation).
  • New dice shapes:
    • Spinner set (includes spinners with 4, 6, 8, 12, and 20 sides)
    • Anti-gravity set (includes spinners with 4, 4, 6, 8, 12, and 20 sides)
    • 4-sided shapes: Tiltyblock, Envelope, 4-sided tetragonal trapezohedron
    • 6-sided shapes: Treasure Chest, Bobbly Box
    • 8-sided shapes: 2 tetragonal trapezohedrons with cut-in designs
  • Spinner shapes behave like spinning tops (roll them individually if you want good spins, otherwise they will bump)


  • The value-replacement roll condition character is now 'V', this avoids a conflict that existed with the re-roll condition and now neither condition is case-sensitive. For more information check the dice notation documentation.
  • Default random range for individual faces is now from (faceIndex*10-9) to (faceIndex*10)
  • Dice textures on android are now higher resolution and dice look WAY better.
  • Dragging from a single spawned die will no longer add other dice to your "hand" whilst mousing over them (the original behaviour was what I had initially intended but I didn't like it so I've disabled it)
  • Removed a bunch of included sound effects (many were unnecessary or very similar to one-another) and the remaining ones have been renamed so they are easier to read. This will mean if you have any dice made with older versions using these sound effects, they won't work until you reapply them.
  • The pin material is a little better.


  • Spawned dice now have a random angular velovity *when they spawn*, and not just on subsequent rolls. (Initial rolls before were absolutely fair because of face shuffling and random rotations, but now they are more fair. All settled dice can be considered to have had a fair roll whether they were just spawned or have been rolled a ten-thousand+ times :) )
  • Dice with the default "New dX" label format will be relabelled when their shape is changed in the edit menu.


OK so there were some last-minute changes and now this is the ~final~ 1.0 release.

The changelog for RC5 and RC6 is:


  • Added "fallback results display" and "fallback icons display" options to the Graphics settings on android, some devices wouldn't render the results or icons properly, this is a way to see them until I figure out what is wrong with the relevant shaders.


  • Results display now uses a slightly different shader (in the hopes it works with more android devices)


  • Fixed issue where saved numbers were parsed using the system's localised number format, which cause all kinds of problems. No more though!


Sophie's Dice (Android) 68 MB
Jun 13, 2019
Sophie's Dice (Linux) 388 MB
Jun 13, 2019
Sophie's Dice (Mac) 403 MB
Jun 13, 2019
Sophie's Dice (Windows) 384 MB
Jun 13, 2019

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