Sophie's Dice v0.4 released

Hey! New Version!

Now you can save roll expressions you make frequently and roll them as easily as any single die :)

Also you can assign sound effects to different faces of your custom dice (only included sound effects for now, sorry! - but I have included A BUNCH)

Also you can play Soffle, or have translucent dice face displays, and enjoy a generally better rolling experience!


Here's the full v0.4 changes:

- Additions
    - Saved roll expressions (listed in hotbar, can be edited just like dice, these are saved to CustomDice folder also)
    - Sound effects for die faces can be set and will play when the die settles on that face value.
    - die face displays can have custom opacity
    - Included “Soffle” dice and roll expression (roll the dice set, try to find words!)
    - can disable colouring of roll expression display
    - added option to display values of dice pools under expression display
    - roll expressions with string face values now display in roll result text
    - Can now cancel die editing so changes are not saved
    - Options are now saved between sessions
- Fixes
    - expression rolls parse division (‘/‘ character) properly
    - fixed bug when rolling expression with no dice in it
    - deleting dice rolled by an expression removes that pool from the expression
    - setting for whether a dice is on the hotbar or not is now actually saved
    - Dice are now saved to the same subfolder they are loaded from
    - Dice spawned by an expression which drops/disregards them are no longer disregarded after the expression is no longer active
- Changes
    - no more uneditable ‘preset’ dice, only dice from the CustomDice folder will be loaded on win/mac/linux, and default dice will be generated on first run on android (you can delete/edit them if you want)
    - dice pools with only 1 die don’t list number of dice in expression display
    - dice pools with <1 die are removed from expressions
    - d% in expressions will roll as a d100 (unless you have a custom “d%” die)
    - pattern explosion now explodes into specified number of dice (default 1) instead of the number of dice in the pattern
    - added spaces between expression components & dice pools in roll expression display
    - moved toggle for results display to options menu
    - improved colour selection controls
    - Expressions no longer try to parse string value faces as numbers, even if they are made up of numerical characters
    - Expression results now behave as expected when combining string value faces and numerical value faces
    - Random Range face values no longer display as “R” until the face value points up, instead a number is generated for each face when the die is spawned.
    - Changed UI for toggling dice on hotbar and optimised the change process
    - Die properties panel in die edit will now be scrollable if it’s taller than the screen
    - Die edit screen now has a layout for portrait screen display


Sophie's Dice (Android version) 47 MB
Apr 09, 2019
Sophie's Dice (Linux version) 257 MB
Apr 09, 2019
Sophie's Dice (Mac version) 256 MB
Apr 09, 2019
Sophie's Dice (Windows version) 254 MB
Apr 09, 2019

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