Sophie's Dice v0.5 released

This update is another big one: lots of new dice, you can now load custom sound effects to use with your dice, transparent dice, random string values, markup for face text... full changes further down this post.

The main news WRT development of this is my to-do list has actually started to shrink, I'm running out of new stuff to add to it and I'm finally getting round to implementing things that I have been putting off. Mostly I'm trying to get to a point where I can call the thing "version 1.0" and then I'll make a trailer, put the thing on steam and google play (iOS app store late, maybe), and then I can (hopefully) get back to my life. I mean, I have been working on this for 6 months now - I love it but I want it to be done asap lol.

- - - 0.5 changes: - - -

- Additions
    - added new dice
        - d10 tall, d20 & d12 bipyramids, d2 chip
        - barrel dice: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d14, d16, d17, d18, d19, d20
        - crystal dice: d2, d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d14, d16, d18, d20
        - d6 variations: sharp, smoothed, rounded, spikey, mega, sci-fi, extra-cornered, ??? cube???, mine
        - d4 variations: brutal, brutalB, alien, caltrop, cutout
        - novelty: Suzanne, teapot, skull, Bucket
    - Can load custom sound effects from CustomDice folder (wav confirmed to work. ogg, aiff, and mp3 should also work but haven’t been tested)
    - Dice can now have transparent material
    - Can have random string values per face, enter multiple values seperated by the | character, one of the values will be selected randomly as the dice rolls - works like the Random Range face value type.
    - can now set colour of each die face individually
    - Can use basic markup in face string displays to bold, italicise, set colour etc
    - device shakes will re-roll all settled dice on android
    - can lock screen orientation on android, not perfect approach but it works for now. I’ll hopefully have a solution that respects the OS orientation settings eventually
- Fixes
    - Editing a die’s face will now reliably rotate the die to display that face
    - Control for manually rotating the dice you are editing won’t happen when clicking on UI elements anymore
- Changes
    - default d6 shape is now different - much less likely to settle on an edge
    - Dice icons are coloured by both die colours and not just the first
    - remodelled dice and rebaked all material textures so dice look better and are more consistent (since some scale values have changed, custom dice face label sizes may be a little off for dice made with previous versions)
    - Each die shape now only uses one normal map for all materials, project size is WAY down
    - new naming convention for crystal/barrel dice - barrel dice have rectangular faces, crystal dice have triangular faces. This rename may break some custom dice made in the previous version.
    - adjusted marbling texture so dice marbling is more distinct and colours can be more vibrant
    - odd-numbered barrel dice with more than 3 sides now all use rotated colliders so they can be read from faces and not edges
    - Removed “Impossible” from odd-numbered barrel dice shape names (and also the Pentagonal Hexecontahedron), this may break some existing custom dice of these shapes. This is to reflect a new naming convention where shape names are unaffected by the shape’s collider being inverted/rotated
    - Shape select screen is now categorised by shape types, and is styled to match the rest of the UI
    - octahedral d8 shape faces are better positioned
    - Default narrative dice names are the same on android as on PC


Sophie's Dice (Android version) 44 MB
Apr 20, 2019
Sophie's Dice (Windows version) 154 MB
Apr 20, 2019
Sophie's Dice (Mac version) 156 MB
Apr 20, 2019
Sophie's Dice (Linux version) 157 MB
Apr 20, 2019

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