Sophie's Dice v0.51 released

Minor update this time but there was a bug with expression rolls I couldn't abide. I also fixed up a couple of other things :)

v0.51 Changes:

  • Additions
    • New option to toggle whether dice pools in expression rolls are unique. If on, a custom dice won't be used more than once per dice pool if an alternative dice can be generated from the name (Simply put, if you have a d6 saved and you roll d6+d6, the first d6 will be yours, the second will be generated) - this should make dice pools more visually distinct.
  • Fixes
    • fixed expression rolls not generating new dice sometimes
    • the d2 used by expression rolls when a dice shape can't be found is now the coin again, and not the chip
    • Fixed issue with trapezahedral d18 trying to spawn extra face displays
    • Fixed problem where some face displays would spawn broken
  • Changes
    • Default Soffle dice 'W' and 'M' letters are underlined


Sophie's Dice (Android version) 44 MB
Apr 21, 2019
Sophie's Dice (Windows version) 154 MB
Apr 21, 2019
Sophie's Dice (Mac version) 156 MB
Apr 21, 2019
Sophie's Dice (Linux version) 157 MB
Apr 21, 2019

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I know you're trying to wrap this project up, but just to throw it out there, I would love to be able to work with dice pools in such a way to roll Deadlands dice: a skill roll is multiple dice, exploding per-die, highest single die or dice-explosion-chain being used to determine success or failure.  I imagine the expression for this looking something like this: for a skill where you have 5d6, maybe it would be 5(d6!)L4.  (The system that the old Deadlands eventually evolved into, Savage Worlds,  uses a similar per-dice explosion picking the highest result, but only ever rolls one d6 "wild die"  and one additional die of varying sidedness depending on the skill)

This presumably requires the sort of conditional operations on pools that you've tried to avoid, so I understand if it's beyond the scope of the program. As is, I can sort of fake it with stuff like d6! + d6! + d6! + d6! +d6! and the option toggled on to view individual pool results, then just ignoring the summed result and looking at the single biggest number returned.  Mostly sufficient for real game use, just not perfectly ideal ;)