Sophie's Dice v0.6 released

HEY THERE! Another big update, this time there's new dice, everything is WAY more fair, you can stretch bipyramids and trapezohedra, there's font choices... point being, big update!

Full change list:


  • Added new dice shapes (bringing total to 113):
        - Pug
        - d4 Tetrahedron (but with values read from the base
        - bipyramids 8, 24,  and 28
        - 30-sided trapezohedron
        - “mine” shaped d4, d8, d12,d20
        - rounded d8 and d12
  • Added fonts to choose from when making a custom die
  • Bipyramid and Trapezohedron shapes can now be stretched/squashed when customising your dice (the ‘tall’ pentagonal trapezohedron shape has been removed, since if you want a tall one you can just stretch it)
  • Shape list now includes tested deviation percentage for each shape
  • Loading screen on startup (well, a little after it. Best I can do sorry) until dice are ready to roll
  •  Added “Reroll” condition for dice expression, 5d6R{1,2} will roll 5 d6, and reroll any that settle on 1 or 2.
  • Added date-conditional feature & setting to options menu
  • Added “Show detailed counts” option for roll expression, will display complete counts per dice pool eg 5d6#<3=6 will normally count the total dice that roll <3 or a value of 6, but with detailed count display, you can also see the separate counts of of dice<3 and 6s.


  • Fixed problem with 4-sided dodecahedron dice not having transparent material
  • Better tetrahedron d4 shape (one edge was like 0.001% shorter than the others)
  • d2 chip collider fixed to land on it’s side less


  • -Die faces are randomly rotated around the die mesh (for die shapes it is possible to do so) on each roll to eliminate bias introduced by the physics system (dice are much much MUCH more fair)
  • dice pool value display (if enabled) is now coloured like the expression (if that is enabled too)
  • device shake/middle mouse reroll now rerolls ALL dice, resets their settings, and removes any exploded dice.
  • ‘Sophie’s Dice’ logo actually appears in the credits now. big change, I know.
  • Made better icons for cube dice shapes, the 3-sided hexahedron d3, and the sharp tennis ball d2.


Sophie's Dice (Android) 48 MB
May 05, 2019
Sophie's Dice (Linux) 172 MB
May 05, 2019
Sophie's Dice (MacOS) 171 MB
May 05, 2019
Sophie's Dice (Windows) 169 MB
May 05, 2019

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