Sophie's Dice v0.7 (RC1) released

Who wants a RELEASE CANDIDATE with a BUNCH of changes?!

"Sophie, how many changes?"

Well, let me tell you...


  •  Overhauled how dice are dragged:
    • click & drag from empty space to drag all dice (as before)
    • click & drag a specific dice to drag just it (and add new dice to your hand by dragging over them)
    • click empty space to reroll all dice
    • click specific dice to show a dice control menu
  • Using the dice control menu you can now
    • reroll the selected dice individually
    • remove the dice
    • Pin/unpin dice
    • Disregard/count dice
  • Dice pinning - when pinned, dice value won’t change until it is unpinned and rerolled.
  • Manual dice disregarding - toggle whether dice counts towards results. This is reset once the dice is rerolled. Also you cannot “un-disregard” dice that have been disregarded by roll expressions
  • Dice on the hotbar can now be reoredered on the settings’ dice list. Just click and drag the dice icons there.
  • Added free and fixed camera modes for PC, press “c” to cycle to them from the default dynamic mode.
    • in free cam mode, you can move and turn the camera (WASD movement, RF for vertical)
    • in fixed cam mode, the camera will not move at all, and when dice are regrouping they will try to do so in the center of the camera’s view
  • Can now hide the main UI by pressing the tab key, if you want nice screenshots without the UI
  • added “Throw Force Multiplier” option to adjust how much extra force is added for dice throws, by default this is higher on android
  • added “Shaded dice fonts” option to toggle simplified font shading (should render a bunch faster if you have many many dice)
  • Dice with the same material are now be batched/GPU instanced, this should make for faster rendering of pools of dice
  • Added new dice shapes
    • Pencil
    • Reuleaux tetrahedron
    • Reliaobble d1
    • Curved cube
    • Fidgiepiggle
    • Neila Sulagartsa
    • Impossible collider versions of bipyramids and trapezohedra up to 20 faces
    • space probe d3
    • curved d3 trapezohedron, d3 bipyramid, d6 bipyramid, d8 bipyramid, d10 bipyramid
  • Built a new camera system to replace cinemachine (which had been a pain to work with the whole time tbh)
    • gets closer to individual dice
    • camera pulls back if too close to table during dice edit mode
    • Makes better use of screen space (takes account of both horizontal and vertical field of view and makes every dice fill the screen when possible)
  • Incorporated Sinput, and its input rebind menu


  • All UI now fits screen width in portrait display
  • Updated dice edit UI and saved roll edit UI to be MUCH more organised and a lot more readable/easier on the eyes
  • In dice edit, extra face edit controls such as size, colour and sound effect are now hidden behind a “show more/less” toggle
  • Shaking to reroll on android now delays the screen sleep as if you had touched the screen, so you have time to read the result
  •  ‘Disregard’ icons for each dice (displayed when dropping/counting) are only instantiated if needed. this should speed up dice spawning a little
  • Now all numbers under 100 that can be read differently when upside down are underlined when displayed on dice faces
  • Right-click/long-press on hotbar buttons for dice and saved rolls now shows a popup menu which lets you select whether you want to edit/clone/delete the dice/saved-roll you selected
  • Changed number inputs on android to use a different keyboard capable of typing negative number values
  • Removed “Delete” button from dice edit screen
  • The camera will now return to it’s default position when there are no dice
  • File IO errors should now be displayed when there is a problem loading/saving data
  • Made die rotation control in die edit mode more sensitive
  • Adjusted weighting of the skull shape
  • Lowered the maximum allowed physics timestep, this should help keep things running smooth when there are a lot of dice at once
  • Changed dice edit UI when in portrait view and made it so you can hide the UI and preview the die you are editing
  • Optimised UI so it isn’t rebuilt unnecessarily
  • ported project to unity 2019.1.2
  • Optimised some dice notation expression roll conditions
  • More dice shapes can be stretched:
    • Barrels, crystals, coins
    • Sophie Six
    • curved-face bipyramids and trapezohedra
  • Renamed dice:
    • 8-sided bipyramid is now Tetragonal Bipyramid
    • Rhombohedron is now Trigonal Trapezohedron
    • Sharp Tennis Ball is now 2-sided cube
    • 3-Sided Hexahedron is now 3-Sided Cube
  • Changing dice shape now resets the stretching to default
  • Rescaled/positioned face labels:
    • 13-sided barrel
    • 3-sided battel
    • 4-sided octahedron
  • Clicking the submit button for an empty roll expression will now do nothing but display a message
  • Graphics quality setting is now displayed as a dropdown instead of a list of buttons
  • adding a new saved roll will now default to saving whatever dice are currently rolled, even if they were not rolled by an expression
  • Added an image for the application configuration dialogue screen on PC
  • made camera transition to it’s fixed position faster when dragging dice to throw
  • Reorganised the settings menu into titled categories


  • Choosing “Done” on android keyboard when entering roll expressions will now roll the expression immediately
  • When choosing a different shape in dice edit mode, the name of the die won’t be changed unless it is in the format of “d[NUMBER]”
  • Changed face shuffling so face labels do not go off-axis after 100s of rolls without respawning
  • Hotbar display now updates when cloning dice in the dice bag list
  • Fixed the Mine Octahedron labels (they were originally the same as a trapezohedron d10)
  • Removed “How would you like to die?” and “Let’s Roll” message from android edit screens (they were obscured by other UI in portrait mode)
  • Fixed error that could happen when active dice collide with a dice that is being edited
  • Fixed dice “Save as copy” bug where a copy was made, but changes were made to the original dice
  • Fixed saved roll “Save as copy” not labelling the new saved roll as a copy
  • Fixed issue on android where rotating a dice you are editing would snap a little uncontrollably on the first frame of dragging it
  • Made it so if the current resolution/ui scale will have overlapping/inaccessible panels in dice edit mode, the portrait layout will be used instead
  • Will now FINALLY use whatever screen orientation setting the android OS specifies - options for screen rotation have been removed since they are now unnecessary.

... THAT many changes. :D


Sophie's Dice (Android) 55 MB
May 18, 2019
Sophie's Dice (Linux) 339 MB
May 18, 2019
Sophie's Dice (Mac) 354 MB
May 18, 2019
Sophie's Dice (Windows) 336 MB
May 18, 2019

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