Sophie's Dice v0.8 (RC2) released

Update! Main changes are resolution controls are now in the settings menu, you can re-order stuff on the hotbar, and dice are now saved to your computer's Documents folder.

v0.8 (RC2) Changes:
- can now re-order dice and saved rolls icons on the hotbar directly by right-click dragging them
- Dice list view now has each row coloured to make dragging clearer, and to be more bright and fun to look at <3
- Resolution/fullscreen controls added to settings menu (on PC)
- Dice shapes with inverted/rotated colliders are now marked with an asterisk
- Added documentation web link to settings
- Dice are now saved/loaded to your Documents folder in “SophiesDice/CustomDice” and the default dice are copied here when the folder is first made. This should mean updates where the application’s data folder are overwritten won’t delete your custom dice.
- Retested all dice, and updated their tested deviation displays. This was necessary since I hadn’t done it since implementing face shuffling by symmetries around meshes, so collider biases should be removed now (most deviations have gone down, so it looks like it did the trick :) )
- Made settings screen sections more distinct and readable
- Default display string for faces is now blank/empty, instead of the face number
- saved roll hotbar button icon is now a dice shape with a heart
- new pin model
- changed app icon
- increased minimum camera distance a little, to prevent dice clipping the camera’s near view plane
- Rotated labels on the tetrakis hexahedron 180 degrees, so their “up” points away from each face’s hypotenuse
- Default d3 rolled for expressions is now the 3-sided cube, not the 3-sided dodecahedron
- Removed preset dice from android version not included in PC version (they were all just numbered dice)
- made credits background darker so they are easier to read
- Resolution dialogue no longer appears on startup on PC since everything on it is now in the settings menu (plus apparently the feature is going to be deprecated in unity so… lucky?)
- number faces of 69 and 96 are no longer underlined since they read the same upside down
- On PC, the dF is now on the hotbar by default
- Fixed Alien Tetrahedron mesh being slightly rotated, causing some face display meshes to clip it
- fixed d24/Deltoidal Icositetrahedron from having duplicate number labels
- fixed camera so it doesn’t zoom in during shape/image select
- Fixed rounded tetrahedron from using reuleaux tetrahedron mesh
- Fixed bug with evaluating 1-sided dice where the only face pointed straight down
- On PC, the roshambo (rock paper scissors) die now uses the 3-sided trigonal trapezohedron shape


Sophie's Dice (Android) 55 MB
Jun 01, 2019
Sophie's Dice (Linux) 341 MB
Jun 01, 2019
Sophie's Dice (Mac) 356 MB
Jun 01, 2019
Sophie's Dice (Windows) 337 MB
Jun 01, 2019

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